This was a lovely little project, for two lovely customers.


PJB Building were called in to take down an existing 1950’s style pre-fab concrete garage, which was suffering from concrete cancer and had started leaking from many of the joints?


Although the garage had seen better days the concrete slab was in good order. After customer consultation a plan to build a light weight block structure was put into effect.


Once the existing garage was un-bolted and taken down safely the site was cleared away by a registered trade waste carrier.


As per our recommendation and the customer’s request the new garage was constructed with light weight block to put

less strain on the existing slab.


It was not long before the walls were up and the new Fiberglass roof structure was installed.


This time the customer wanted a small parapet around the top which was finished with 150mm coping stones. The new garage door and UPVC door and window were installed.


The inside was rendered with one finish coat of Sand and Cement and the outside was first scratch coated with sand and cement and then over latyed with two coats of textured silicone render. (Often known as K-rend).

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Finally a new consumer unit (fuse box) socket and light were installed and the whole site was cleaned down.


The project took 12 working days in total and looks good.


Although the garage may never hold a car again the space will be well used as a workshop / storeroom. But this is very normal nowadays with more and more of us looking for breakout storage space.


Some people pay for long term expensive storage but the wise look to upgrade space they already have.


If thats you then please give us a call on 07540 169 825 or 01752 648 319 we would be very happy to come out and talk through your ideas and get a detailed estimate on the table so you can have a space that suits your needs.

Pre-Fab Garage Rebuild.