Willace family

Plymouth based project


What a sight, we arrived at the property to find that the customer had decided to undertake some home improvements. Mr Wallace was beside himself because to his

dismay he found out that the bedroom walls were only being held up by two layers of wallpaper. Not so uncommon in an old terraced house in stoke.


After a thorough review of the situation and setting out a project plan with the customer; the staff of PJB Building and property maintenance set too, first clearing

everything out. Not an easy task when everything has got to go down through a newly decorated landing stairs and hallway.


With lots of plastic sheeting and

dust sheets the room was soon cleaned out.


The project plan included a survey to find out what had caused the problems in the first place, and it seemed that a simple repair to the chimney flashings and a new

external window cill along with a new silicon seal around the window was in order


Full preparation of the walls were undertaken including sealing with SRB solution rendering with traditional lime mortar, fitting an air vent to the chimney and finally a

skim coat. It took several weeks to dry properly with the help of a low radiator heat and a dehumidifier; however the room was finally ready for its base decoration coat, magnolia and white.


Two months later we received a letter and couple of images from the customer showing how his six year old’s new colour scheme and designs looked.


We think it’s a lovely job Jacob  well done, keep it to yourself but it’s much better than your dad did, but let’s not tell him.

taylors-room-4 taylors-room-1 taylors-room-2 taylors-room-3