Kitchen Makeover

I been told by my wife that I have to show you this project, I know I am a builder but to my shame I

installed this kitchen at our house just under seven years ago and just like any builder I never really finished it until recently.


The kitchen itself is from the cheapest off the shelf budget range from Wickes. But with three heavy handed sons in the house and not having a great deal of spare cash at the time we did what any normal family would do and worked to a budget. In total the units cost £480, the cooker, hob, extractor, door handles and worktops cost another £1,300.


At the time it was all we could afford because the kitchen needed to be rewired, have a brand new floor, walls and ceiling. It took us a while to get the money together and do the works but finally we had a working kitchen, the problem was that it never got finished, for almost a week we had use a scaffold plank to walk across the new floor joists just to get to the bathroom. (not something we practice on site)  


But the truth is that there was always something else to do, and something else to spend our hard earned cash on. But finally over the course of one weekend I had a mad spurt andsplashed out another £140 to finish everything off. Painting the

walls, ceiling and coving made an overwhelming difference and finishing the worktops and resetting

the doors set the project off nicely.


I have to admit that I am pleased with the outcome, who would have thought that the cheapest kitchen on the shelf would last and look so well after seven years of hard family life.


I promised my wife that if she is good I will finish our bedroom soon, after all I only started that three years ago.

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