West Family

We are often asked by customers if it is cost effective to extend into the loft or should they move? We always ask them about their reasons for expansion?


Most customers say that the property has been the family home for some time but the family is outgrowing it. At PJB Building and Property Maintenance we love the idea of families setting down roots, not just to buildings they have live in, but to “A home”.


Most people would agree with the old saying, “home is where the heart is” so why not invest and develop the home that has provided shelter and comfort for your family,


As planning regulations have relaxed most modern loft conversions only require PCC Building Regulations and not full planning permission as they used too.


Building regulations are a fraction of the cost of planning permission, and you get your very own building control officer who will visit the home during the job to make sure all the

works are completed appropriately.


You can check out more information at the Planning Portal. The West family did xactly that, they took a three bed property in Keyham Plymouth and transformed the top floor and loft into a much bigger family friendly space.


They didn’t increase the number of bedrooms but they did improve on the bedroom sizes all round, adding a  second bathroom, improving the central heating and general SAP ratings for the property and add a

considerable value to the property when they re-mortgaged.


All in all a wise investment for them.

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