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Mobility Friendly Bungalow Extension

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Mobility Friendly Bungalow Extension


This was a very enjoyable project for a lovely family, living with mobility issues.


PJB were called in after the customer was let down by a previous builder, a problem which we are sadly seeing more and more.


The project was a bungalow extension designed to provide the customer with a new disabled bathroom and utility area. The build itself is a traditional block and render construction that has blended very well into its surroundings. The whole project was overseen by Plymouth City Councils Building Control Department.


PJB like to take the time to get to know our customers and this project was no different.

As we got to know the customer, we grew to understand their mobility issues. It became clear that this once lovely terraced garden was now no longer usable.


We decided that during the foundation and excavation process, we could manipulate the soil levels around the construction site and flatten out the entire garden, leaving a flat level access all the way around the house.


This small gesture of goodwill has given the customer the opportunity to enjoy her outside space once again, should we be lucky enough to enjoy a warm summer. Although these gestures aren’t always possible it feels great to have been able to do something extra for this lovely family.