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Bespoke GRP roofed wooden carport


This was a lovely little build for a wonderful couple, however it didn’t start off that way. PJB

Building were asked to call on the property to look at constructing a bespoke wooden car port.


When we arrived on site it was obvious that someone had started the project already. The customer then started to explain that they had already engaged a builder from outside of the Plymouth area who they had used before and trusted, the builder promptly turned up, requested a large deposit and set to work knocking things down and creating huge piles of debris, generally ruining a lovely well established garden. Without warning a customer’s worst nightmare came to fruition, the builder packed up his tools at the end of a day and left never to come back.


This is a situation that PJB Building and Maintenance are seeing more and more nowadays, in fact this is the third time we have seen it this year alone. The implications for the customer can be devastating, so we can’t stress enough to anyone wishing to engage a professional builder, please undertake a thorough approach to who you invite into your home and how and when you part with funds.


We suggest you use a fully registered member of the Buy with Confidence scheme, as it is managed by the cities Trading Standard team who can ensure the professional has been fully checked and vetted by them. You can also check out customer reviews and the professional performance record. Good for the committed professional and good for the customer.





GRP Topped Car Port - New home for a car.

With that said PJB reviewed what was left from the customer’s budget and worked very closely with the homeowner to achieve a deliverable project that would still meet their needs.


It did not take long for our team to clear away all the debris, level off the oversite and set the posts deep into concrete foundations. PJB Building then set about the construction of a wooden roof structure, this was overlaid with 650g GRP (fiberglass resin and catalysts) instead of felt, because of its superior strength and the general restrictions to actual roof fall which could only be around 13%, in addition the GRP roofing system will provide around 25 years of reliable protection.


It did not take long to get to the point where the new 10ft garage door was ready to be installed. This customer chose a stunning dark green mechanical door that can be adapted in time to hold an electric motor. This was followed up with dressing of shiplap timber and a new ramp.


The last thing to do was to compact the hardstand area, cover with a weed membrane and

overlay with Cotswold light brown dressed stone. To be honest both the customer and PJB Building thought it looked great.


The customer now has plans to finish the sides off with tantalized shiplap, dress the post with hanging baskets, drawing the garden into the canopy, they will  include potting benches a small BBQ, the space will also be the home for a nifty little sports car, personally we can’t wait to see how it all turns out for them, and wish them the best of luck for the future.



Customer Review - From initial contact Peter and John have been superb and entirely professional on all levels. The standard of workmanship is excellent and they have been accommodating with all our requirements and worked tirelessly completing the project on time and in budget. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone.

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