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Chimney Removal and Internal Insulation.


With almost 35 years experience under their belts, the staff of PJB Building know that projects come in all different sizes and with many different challenges. ‘This one was no different’, PJB Building were called to this self build 80’s property by a lovely couple to remove a traditional block built internal chimney that ran up through the entire structure of the bungalow, and to install new internal thermaline insulation to the inside of the living room external walls to compensate for the lack of cavity insulation when the property was constructed.


Located in the living room the chimney was almost 2 meters across and approximately 600mm deep at its base. As it passed through the ceiling it reduced in to a 600mm x 600mm to house a single flue stack, which formed a totally free standing column that shot up approximately five meters through the loft and out of the roof.


Once the slates and batons had been removed, PJB carefully started to remove the blocks layer by layer, passing them through the roof and down the outside of the property to minimise dust.


This meticulous process was maintained all the way through the loft space down to the living room ceiling height. The roof was made good with new timbers, felt and batons and then slated over to form a permanent water tight seal against the harsh elements.


The chimney was painstakingly paired away from an existing 100mm dividing wall between the living room and kitchen.


The process took several days and generated six tonnes of fully recyclable rubble to be removed by our registered trade waste carrier.



The second part of the project included the removal of wallpaper and a large majority of the original skim coat because it had never really bonded to the backing coat. All of the living room walls were covered with a 50mm PIR Thermal board to compensate for no internal cavity insulation, insulating boards were fixed with mechanical fixings to ensure there were no voids for mould to develop, the window reveals were bonded with 25mm marmox boards and new UPVC window sills fitted.


The original stippled Artex ceiling was repaired and bonded over with a 12mm base coating and the whole room was totally re-plastered with multi-finish plaster.


A tough project with a number of challenges, but PJB took it one day at a time and dealt with any issue as they arose. Another happy customer.

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