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Most people don’t want to spend a small fortune on a new full house render project; instead they opt for servicing of the external render and a general makeover.


This is a simple but effective process to improve the external appearance and lifespan of most properties, once the scaffolding is in place it is easy to power wash the entire house to see its true condition, cracks can be cut out and fully repaired, fungicide treatments can be applied and the whole property and it can be painted as many times as needed with ease.


This is exactly what happened with this and many other properties we see. PJB were called to estimate for the works but the property was in need of some TLC before its true condition could be fully accessed.

External House Repairs and Refresh.


PJB Building provided a comprehensive estimate to give the customer and an idea of what needed to be completed, but this was based on the proviso that we would revisit the estimate once the scaffolding was in place.


As a result were able to provide all the works necessary and save the customer money on a full render project. You can see with a little TLC the results can speak for themselves, the customer is very happy with the results and it gives the property a many more years grace before the need for major works.

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