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Fence - Constructed to withstand strong winds


Fences come in all shapes and sizes, from a simple wood lap larch, feather edge, the slatted hit and miss, and dozens of others including dry stone, block, brick and prefabricated.


PJB Building and maintenance can create them all. In every shape, style, length and texture you may desire.


The type of fence illustrated here is of a bespoke shiplap and concrete post. The main purpose of this fence was to withstand the strong winds, lightweight and affordable.


However, this fence best feature is its strength and endurance over time, the pre stressed concrete post give the maximum strength and comes complete with built in steel bars to hold back the strongest of winter winds, whilst the modern treated shiplap timber is versatile enough to flex in the wind without damage occurring.


However, if a piece of shiplap does become damaged the panels are durable enough to simply lift out and interchange the individual pieces of shiplap rather than replace a whole costly panel. Its also important to note that individual panels can be either

treated with a modern colored wood preservative, painted or left to mature with the natural tantalization process, PJB Building has even built a garden beach scape where each individual piece of shiplap was painted different colour to reflect the colour of a busy beach surf station. Sounds odd but looked terrific.


The fence illustrated was approximately 10 meters in length and was constructed from start to finish in approximately two days.


So If you are looking for a new fence, look no further as PJB Building can help you design and create the fence of your dreams!


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