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Modern Bathroom

We called at a modern house in the Plymstock area to find that the customer had removed a dividing wall between a very small bathroom and a separate toilet.


Many builders were asked to provide an estimate with none returning one, PJB Building enjoys a challenge and felt we could really help these customer out. Once understanding the customers’ needs we set about removing the two doors, wall, bath and sink but the toilet was left in for the customers convenience.


We understood the job would be challenging - a double layer of tiles , left the walls in very poor condition to re-tile over and the ceilings were heavily Artex.


Once men and their tools where within the space you had no room to move - another addition to the challenge of a small bathroom.


During the initial preparation stage the ceilings and walls to be tiled were bonded with Carlite Bonding and skimmed with plaster.


The soil pipe which ran through the outer wall of the room was cut off and capped with a modern internal Durgo vent valve and the hole left in the roof from the soil pipe was tiled over with original tiles.


A new wall and door opening was constructed along with the plumbing

for the suite and towel rail, four new spot lights and a electric mirror circuit was created and a new waterproof / boil proof plywood floor was laid.  


New vinyl flooring was overlaid to complete the rooms infrastructure prior to the bathroom suite being installed.


The Victoria Plumb bathroom suite had already been purchased, but the new bath was almost 40mm too big for the room along with the sink unit having no cut outs to allow for pipework and waste pipes.


Although it took a bit of time PJB Building have more than 30 years’ experience and knew exactly how to resolve the issues.


The project was finished off with new tiles, hardwood door, frame, skirting and the customer topped it all off with a vibrant new colour.


When we first saw the project we believed four days would be enough to complete, but with a number of hidden issues not brought to light until the room was stripped back - completion took six days  


A bit of a surprise, but at PJB building we believe that every project requires effort, consideration and just as much time as it takes to do a good job. Despite the additional hours this project came in on budget for the customer which is what matters.


Here at PJB Building we can help you no matter how difficult your project seems to be, large or small we are happy to take the time to make sure that you get what you want for your home.

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