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We called at this Plymouth based project to find that the customer wanted us to build a new garage on the site of an old 1950’s prefabricated garage that was far too small to fit a modern day family car.


It wasn’t long before we realised the need for the garage, the drive way had a narrow shared access to two small garages and the main road had become a rat run for more traffic than it could comfortably hold. Additionally with most houses having a two or even three cars, available on street parking was dreadful.


The customer had been planning the garage for years and considered building it himself, so he had already removed the original corrugated asbestos roofing sheets by firstly wetting them down and carefully removing the screws and wrapping and fastening each sheet in thick plastic.

This enabled him to take the sheets to the local recycle depot without having to spend a small fortune on a specialist removal company. (This method is perfectly legal however you should check with your local authority before you turn up at the recycle depot. Protective clothing and dusts masks must be worn at all times).


Unfortunately for the customer, life got in the way and the garage sat without a roof for months before he decided to ask PJB Building and Maintenance to finish the job for him, of course we were very happy to help.


We developed a set of drawings and submitted our estimate which was accepted.

We set too by examining the site and decided to reuse the existing slab; knocked down the walls and took the opportunity to extend the foundations and footprint of the site to 18ft x 12ft, cleared the oversite; poured the strip foundation and build the footprint to slab level, filled in the slab and started to build.


It took a few days to complete in and out of the showers but it was not long before we were able to set out new roof joist and install a new GRP  ;Glass Reinforced Plastic; fiberglass roofing system. New upvc fascia’s, air vents and guttering were installed.


The whole building had two coats of traditional sand a cement render and a new 8ft x 6ft 6” garage door and upvc door and window were fitted.


The garage was finally fitted with a new consumer unit (fuse box) and lighting and

sockets were installed to complete the 14 day project.


The customer was thrilled with the finished project and to be honest we think it turned out pretty good too.


Remember Garages are not just for cars PJB Building can construct you a purpose built out building in any size, shape or material you like, and if it’s not higher than 4 meters or connected to the house it will not require planning permission.


So give us a call because we will be very happy to help.


Oversized Garage Project.

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