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It’s not breaking news that homeowners are running out of space.


Families are getting larger and although new homes are becoming more eco friendly and energy efficient they are becoming much smaller. Rather than moving somewhere bigger, more people are choosing to make the most of the space they have available.


Traditionally homeowners would create extra room by re-shaping the home to allow a more practical use of internal space. Similarly the creation of a traditional over garage or side extension could create space for extended living areas, bedrooms or bathrooms. Whereas a conservatory is designed to create a light and airy outdoor feel under the cover of UPVC, but now they’re not the only options.


Garden rooms have become a very modern alternative or permanent upgrade to traditional all glass / UPVC conservatories, which because of their construction are usually too cold in the winter and toohot in the summer.


Garden rooms can be constructed from traditional insulated block, brick or timber. In fact you can use any or all of these combinations. However best described as a fully functional living room, a garden room is a fully habitable insulated space that can be opened with folding or sliding doors on the warm spring and summer days and closed off to the cooler autumn and winter elements to create the perfect family living conditions all year round, offering.


- Far more comfort in winter, Insulated roof and walls help to maximise versatility by reducing heat loss and draughts, making the space much warmer and comfortable for the homeowner.


- Lower heating cost, smaller radiators are needed which ultimately reduce heating bills and helps with the environment.


- More comfort in hot weather, a fully insulated roof gives more protection from solar penetration, keeping the space cooler in summer and the homeowner more comfortable.


- Lower cooling cost. Fewer opening windows are required and there is no need to buy roof blinds.


- Less ultra-violet degradation through the roof, wall and optional treated e-glass windows and doors. Reduced direct sunlight and gives more protection to the homeowner and sensitive materials used in them.


- Very little or minimum maintenance.


- More privacy, an insulated roof and walls gives increased visual and acoustic privacy.


- Extensive use. It is a far more usable and great for the UK climate.


- Resolves low-roof problems. Its all-round low eaves height makes it ideal for a bungalow or a house with a low roof.

The perfect solution for creating additional living space in any home will always vary depending on the unique situation and the homeowners themselves. But for those that want to have more room to grow and a space to escape, whilst looking after their environment and without the risks of altering the internal shape of their home, the garden room is a great solution.


This is exactly what happened with this project the customer wanted to upgrade their old UPVC conservatory to a new multifunctional garden room. In all more than 50 tonnes of soil was removed from the site to make room for the new building, retaining walls were built to create a terrific composite decking with steps leading up to the main garden.


The garden room was constructed to a design that blended in nicely with the existing building and needless to say the customer was thrilled with the results and so were we.

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